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Why I'm Running

         Why Am I running for Governor? I'm running because

our state and our republic are crumbling before my eyes. They have been for years, yet our leaders have done little to nothing. I'm running because I see our youth deprived of an education, and our minorities kept down. I see our brave soldiers come home from distance to a country that lost the freedom they were told they were protected while they were away. I see corruption, greed, and party lines devour our nation on a daily basis. So, in short, I'm running because this is the battlefield where I'm needed. I'm running to secure the rear for my friends fighting in distant lands so they can be confident there nation will be heard when they get back and so the blood they shed won't be in vain. I'm running because this is the toughest fight there is, and there is no one in the vanguard. I'm running because Washington needs a change; it needs someone to step up and lead the charge and to "bring honor to politics." 



           I come from the small town of Friday Harbor before then, and for the first four years of my life, I lived on the thoroughly remote Stuart Island. A place without stores, power grids, or the internet. I am the fourth child of nine and the eldest boy. I have three older half-sisters, two biological brothers, and three adopted brothers, all of native American Ancestry. I'm not exactly your average politician, but my unconventional upbringing has taught me a lot. It lets me not take for granted the luxuries we have as Americans. It gives me an unwillingness to accept things are the way they are simply because someone said that's the way it is. It prevents me from being able to do nothing when I see something wrong. We have a saying, "If you see everyone going one way, turn around and go the other way." Meaning don't follow the crowd and think for yourself. 


        My career is as interesting and unconventional as my upbringing. I discovered early on. That all the information and statistics that they teach you at college can, in fact, be learned in that regular library of Alexandria, we call the internet. That, knowing where to look,  having an attitude of life long learning, and gaining personal experiences is the best way to learn. The most important thing I can do is prepare myself To properly and effectively do the job I feel needs to be done. So I took the risky move to drop out of college. I have spent the last four years preparing myself for that job. I decided not to walk a mile in the lives of Washingtonians but to run a marathon instead.  Spending my free time learning and listening to the lives and stories of those around me. I have not regretted a minute of it. I genuinely believe it has prepared me for the job more than a college degree, a mountain of money or political favors ever could.


Bring Honor To Politics

           My Mission Is Simply two bring two words together that have always belonged together, Honor and Politics! Some people might say that Honor is an outdated idea. That a man shouldn't hold a door open for women, shouldn't stand up for the less fortunate or protect those weaker than themselves. That one's word isn't something that you should be expected to keep. That, giving up your seat on a bus to a woman or an elder is foolish. These People say chivalry is dead, that Honor is dead. Well, I say to quote a certain peasant from Monty Python "I'm not dead yet!" and neither is Chivalry or Honor. I am here to stand up for those who can not do so for themselves, to give up my proverbial seat on the Bus to the people of Washington. To take up the banner, not just for my generation but for every generation and person living in Washington. To build a state where everyone has an opportunity to build a life that they are proud of. A life where a single mother and her child can be safe, fed, with a roof over her head. Where everyone can have an education they’re proud of. An education not decided by zip code or thwarted by a learning disability. A school system, worthy of the soon to be the most prestigious state in the Union. I wish to bring accountability truth, and genuine civil service to the governor’s office and to destroy the lack of accountability,  deceit, and self-service so rampant in our politics.

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