Bring Honor To Politics

 Honor Politics


Why I'm Running

         Why Am I running for Governor? I'm running because

our state and our republic are crumbling before my eyes. They have been for years, yet our leaders have done little to nothing. I'm running because I see our youth deprived of an education, and our minorities kept down. I see our brave soldiers come home from distance to a country that lost the freedom they were told they were protected while they were away. I see corruption, greed, and party lines devour our nation on a daily basis. So, in short, I'm running because this is the battlefield where I'm needed. I'm running to secure the rear for my friends fighting in distant lands so they can be confident there nation will be heard when they get back and so the blood they shed won't be in vain. I'm running because this is the toughest fight there is, and there is no one in the vanguard. I'm running because Washington needs a change; it needs someone to step up and lead the charge and to "bring honor to politics." 

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