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        Why Am I, a 21 year old from the San Juan islands running for Governor? Well, that's simple. It's my conscience my sense of honor, my unwillingness to ignore the things I've learned, and an inability to sit by while Innocent women and children suffer. In Washington state, an unknown number of individuals are trafficked through the I5 corridor every year. I once saw a statistic that estimated as many as 10,000 women and children. This is the highest number I've seen and it's probably wrong. There is great rage as it is almost impossible to know numbers for something so Iligal and secretive. but to quote, "child sex trafficking is as easy as ordering pizza in Seattle." That is completely and totally unacceptable! These poor souls have a life expectancy of four years, meaning that on the high end for every term a particular governor is in office potentially 40,000 people die under their watch. So I'm running first and foremost to put a stop to this atrocity because I have heard no mention of stopping this plague, and I cannot sit by while even a fraction of that number of women and children's death and torture to go unanswered. I cannot merely Sit by and do nothing. There is no other way for me to fight this horror, O don't see another way to make the real change necessary to stop this? So, Politics it is.

         Now while stopping, sex trafficking is my primary reason for running and my top priority.  It is far from my only reason for entering the political stage. Washington state and our country as a whole are being torn apart by partisan politics and the two-party system. This is why I am Independently as part of the New Liberty Party to act as a voice for compromise and a force devoted to dealing with all the things pushed to the side by the major parties. Such as Our Salmon runs, Mental Health, Foster Care, Prison, Police, Bureaucracy and School reforms, Our local Native our Native tribes, the homeless and housing crises, our chronic loss of small business, and our fishing Industry. I'm running to fix all these issues because frankly, no one else is. I'm running to get things done, fix problems, to make Washington state the Greatest state in the Union, and "to Bring Honor to politics" Because that's the only way we can truly move forward. 

         My Experience Is Likely far more extensive and calculated than you'd expect from someone my age. I've made a point of working a range of different jobs and living different lifestyles so that when I do  Become Governor I can understand people from all walks of life. I've worked as unskilled labor, a skilled tradesman, a customer service employee, I've worked on an Alaskan fishing boat and for a small struggling family business. Though all this I learned what really matters to people their struggles and their strengths. No man or woman should lead if they're unwilling to do what they ask of others. Through all this, I learned the necessity of reviving our Natural salmon runs, got an insight into how to better our mental health system, and the importance of putting an end to homelessness. I've lived and seen the flaws in our schools, our bureaucracies, and the foster-care system that brought me three of my brothers and much more. My experience is lived worked for and crucial to how I will rebuild our glorious Home. 

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