New Liberty Party

United We Stand Divided We Fall

History and Founding Ideals

            The New-Liberty party Shares Goals and values with its namesake the original Liberty Party. For some history, the original Liberty Party existed from the 1840s-1860s. They were among the first Abolitionist parties. The Liberty Party fought past slavery in America just as the New-Liberty Party plan's to combat modern slavery in the USA. The Black men and women of our country are free as it should be. However, thousands of women and children are still enslaved in this country. What's more, they may even have it worse than those that came before. The constitution and our laws have put an end to legal slavery. Let us enforce the sacrifice our ancestors fought for.  

             The Second Goal of the Party is to build unity within our state and nation. To Bypass partisan politics and to get at the real and forgotten problems people face.  Then having developed a sense of unity and cooperation to address our most controversial issues. Finding common ground and conscious at last!

Operation and Vision

                 The New-Liberty Party is not a financial institution and does not promote candidates through economic means. The Party Selects and endorses Leaders that meet its high ethical standards and promise to work in a bipartisan manner to help all the citizens of Washington state. Any person wishing to be endorsed by the Party or to volunteer/ may reach out to to begin the vetting process. The process for candidates or local party leadership involves an interview with the party founder Joshua Wolf. It is the Parties Goal to have a candidate in every State-Wide election by 2022 and hopes to build a significant presence in county and city elections by 2024. The Party Will Not, endorse anyone who attempts to degrade Washington politics through personal attacks. We believe that candidates' electability should be determined by there own ability and platforms, not their points lack of one.