Meeting Local Leaders

Updated: Feb 23, 2020

Making an effort to know and understand state leaders

Last year I attended the Washington state republican Annual dinner. While I was there I met many state leaders and representatives as well as many people who simply wanted to participate in our local politics. I Found the experience both inspiring and educational. I was able to have a real discussion with one of my future competitors and hear from his own mouth what he wanted for Washington state. I Learned the party and political roles of one of Washington's major political bodies. In addition to some pleasant dinner conversation with many committed and active Washington conservatives. But the biggest thing was the superb speech by a former Republican governor. witch inspired hope in many republicans and had me leave thoroughly committed to my own run for governor. Though there was one thing he said that I disagreed with or rather that I wanted to change. "There are three things needed to win an election Message, Manpower, and Money". Now I don't know about you but I believe that you should only need two of those things Message and manpower. Furthermore, I believe message trumps all. This experience was a good one for me and I hope to be able to attend a similar democrat event in the future. I look forward to meeting more leaders and competitors in this coming year and working to change Washington for the better.

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