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Updated: Feb 23, 2020

My Mostly, Unorthodox education.

“Be Known!”

“Be Known” was the motto of George fox university the university I attended for a short spat after high school. The university was true to its name as all of my teachers knew me by name and many who were not my teachers. I even had a teacher remember my name when I came and visited Friends and sat in on a class or two. Now, most people would generally scoff at someone who dropped out of school after a single semester. At the very least they would expect the person to either dislike school or at least the university they attended. But I learned a lot from the university and I don't regret a day or a cent I spent there. I even sometimes wish I could have stayed, as I believe it's one of the best universities around. Now that might make you think why then did I leave? That's simple it's because the University had already taught me everything I needed to know from it and I couldn't afford to waste time. Collage taught me many things most importantly how to continue to learn on my own.

So what did I do instead of university? Well, I did a lot But long story short I believe that you cant serve people properly if you haven't walked a mile or two in their shoes. So I walked a few miles in people’s shoes. I worked manual labor jobs, skilled labor, customer service and now I work in mental health. Because of this, I Have something my competitors do not...Understanding. I know the struggles of everyday people not because I read an article but because I've lived it. Because my friends live it and my family lives it. I have spent the last 4 years committed to seeing as many views as possible.

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