Equal Rights Washington Questionnaire Answers

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Please answer “yes” or “no”:

1) Do you believe businesses should be allowed to refuse service to LGBTQ individuals based on personal religious beliefs?NO 2) Do you think transgender people should be banned from serving in the military?YES if taking hormones 3) Do you believe Title IX protections should include gender identity?YES

4) Approximately 40% of homeless youth identify as LGBTQ. What would you do (or have you done) to address this issue? My plan to address the homeless problem in Washington involves making use of certified peer counselors. The peers who will assist these homeless youth will have been homeless themselves and may even still be if they are functioning at a high enough capacity. Since they are made up of previously homeless individuals, they should have at least a 40% LGBTQ population themselves. Their role will be to help the homeless find work, housing, and to help work on any underlying mental health struggles through WRAP plans and other tools.

5) In 2018, the FBI hit a 16 year high in reported violent hate crimes. Most of the hate crimes — about 60% — were motivated by race, ethnicity, or ancestry bias. The other motivations included religion (19%), sexual orientation (17%) and gender identity (2%). If elected, what would you do to address the epidemic of dramatically increasing violent bias crimes? I would crackdown on such crimes as well as strongly and publicly condemn them. I also have plans to improve equity in black/African American communities in the state that tied with moves to reduce and help our homeless will make these minorities less of any easy target for potential offenders. I can’t end hate, but I will do everything I can to protect all the citizens I serve, and I will make sure the government its self is not the offender. 6) Do you believe race impacts life outcomes for people in Washington State? Why or why not? I believe that Black, Latino, and Native people have worse outcomes. I believe this because it is what the evidence supports and because I have seen it myself. Alcoholism is rampant and especially damaging in native communities, primarily due to genetics and past historical events. I have seen lots of discrimination against Hispanic people as many seem to see them as less then, especially if they speak no or little English, and Black communities are very segregated and poorer than “white” or “normal” communities. 7) What have you done to support or promote diversity within your community? I have three adopted native siblings, and I actively support them in honoring there heritage. While working as a member of a WISe team, I often worked with youth and families to support them in accepting or even using their cultures in the recovery process. I love to observe the canoe journey when it stops in the San Juans. 8) Have you ever attended or participated in an LGBTQ-focused event? If so, what was it? I once attended a closed small support group with a friend centered around LGBTQ to gain understanding and to support her. That is the only focused event I can think of that I have attended. 9) What motivates you to run for office? I want to inspire unity, to make life better for the general public, to solve the many significant issues that have stacked up over the years and end sex trafficking in Washington. For me, it is a matter of honor to stand up and stop what I see as wrong or unjust, and running for office was the best and most efficient way to do that. I feel I would be a coward if I did anything less, and I can think of nothing worse than that. 10) How has your worldview changed or shifted in the last several months or year? It hasn't shifted all that much except to gain a better understanding of mental health it's effects and how to address it, and an influx of hope as some people finally stand up for problems I have seen festering for years. 11) If elected, what do you think is the most pressing issue you will face in 2021? The budget and maintaining precautions against COVID are the most pressing issues. My first and immediate concern will be to take a deep dive into the books to see what can afford to lose funding or is unnecessary and what like education cannot afford to lose any funding. Most of my policies involve cutting costs and making outcomes better. I will also be keeping a close eye on what states and countries respond best to COVID and in what sages so I can steel the best responses from others. 12) Why should Equal Rights Washington endorse you? Simply because I am a supporter of equal rights, and that’s what you guys do, right? As governor, I will serve all Washington citizens to my fullest ability and do my utmost to make sure “the least of these” are not left behind. That is my duty as a Christian, a public servant, and as a man, so, I will uphold it until my final breath.

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