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George Floyd

I've watched the progress of the Floyd murder protest, and It's all felt very serial. From protest to riots, this event has brought out the best and the worst in people. From Police standing and marching with protesters. To rioters attacking the Tulalip Indian reservation. It's sad such things have become just another month in 2020 and another disaster. Though to me, the biggest alarm is the fact that so many people are shocked by the murder. I admit that Mr. Floyd's death was a particularly brutal affair. To slowly suffocate a man to death is a cold, calculated move. Doing it in open daylight surrounded by uniformed men is a message meant to strike fear. These things are unacceptable! But they are not new. Mr. Floyd's death honestly changes nothing for me. I already have every intention of implementing police reform and trying to improve the lives of Washington's African American and other racial communities. Police brutality and racism are not new, and this may be syntactical, but by the time August comes along, I bet everyone will have forgotten the late Mr. Froyd. I'm putting this here as a memory to honor the fallen man. To remind those that read this of the atrocity, they were so ready to condemn, but more than likely were also quick to forget.

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