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Voters Pamphlet Statement

Unity, Prosperity, Honor these are the things I want to bring to Washington. They are the hallmarks of a stable, reliable government and a functioning society. These three things will bring Washington into a new golden age. With them, we can create “a city on the hill” to the rest of our nation!

Unity It’s a powerful hopeful word, especially because today we live divided. From our state to our families and communities. Red and Blue, a Donkey and an Elephant. We let these things define us and divide us. Why? is that the Washington we want? I don’t think so. Cooperation and unity between the major parties, Working together despite our differing opinions to build a better, unified Washington. That’s what Washington needs and what’s what I’ll bring.

Prosperity, how you go about bringing prosperity? I believe prosperity comes from three things the land, the People, and the Schools. The land is our natural resources, our farms, our forest, and our seas. The people are our culture, our businesses, and our dreams. Lastly, schools are how we teach our young people. To be independent, resourceful, insightful, courageous, and honorable. Instead of boring them to death, I want to create a love of learning and life long growth. Not just ensuring a better education but a better economy as companies flock to our superior workforce.

Finally, Honor, Honor is everything. It means leaders you can trust. Politicians, working towards what’s best for the people, never being bought, always leading from the front, and doing the hard jobs no one else will. A state where people are always worried about the integrity of their leaders can never move forward. Because if you can’t believe that the other side is saying. you can never understand each other.

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